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Afternoon Recital and Lecture Series

All music students must perform on a Afternoon Recital at least once an academic year when enrolled in applied studio. Seniors are invited, but not required, to perform on an Afternoon Recital.  Each recital date has room for 6 performers which means add ons will be permitted.  Two weeks prior to the performance a form will be sent to each recitalist assigned that requests program information.  This form should be responded to no later than 1 week before the date of performance.  If you fail to respond 1 week prior to your performance you will not be able to participate.

Any requests for changes, cancellations or additions to assignments for the Afternoon Recital and Lecture Series need to be made by your studio teacher only.  They can email with the request for change, or Dr. Gary Fienberg (
Studio Teachers – If you are requesting a new Tuesday recital date for your student, you must select three new open dates and list them in priority.  You can find the recital dates listed below.  If a recital does not have room it will be listed on this page as CLOSED.

When submitting program information, please follow the formatting guide located here. Used with permission from Riccardo Schulz.

Dates and performers are subject to change

Last update: 06/18/13

Fall 2014

August 26
Mandatory meeting for all music students

September 9
Paul Winch, Trombone

September 16
Nicholas Parent, Percussion
Taylor Lorchak, Horn
Edward Easse, Saxophone
Kenneth Hamilton, Double Bass

September 30
Samuel Nemeth, Trumpet
Nicholas Licitra, Tuba
Sean Ferguson, Tuba
Eric Vanderzee, Guitar

October 7 (Closed)
Jason Verblaauw, Saxophone
Nicole Hunnemeder, Horn
Sungyuk Yang, Cello
Suzanne Parker, Voice
Alexander Mason, Flute
Louis Tamburro, Percussion

October 28
Joanna Ju, Piano
Sarah Finnan, Voice

November 4 (Closed)
Ashley Lai, Voice
Rachel Kopania, Clarinet
Cassady Grablauskas, Violin
Shaunna Morrisey, Bassoon
Heather Freund, Percussion
Davon Wheeler, Trombone

November 18 (Closed)

Nicole Myers, Voice
Michelle Carrajat, Clarinet
Steve Mejias, Viola
Vincent Buzzelli, Saxophone
Thomas Littwin, Double Bass
Yi Wang, Piano
Jeremy Neiss, Percussion
Edward Easse, Piano/ Jacquelyn Briggs, Voice

Spring 2015

February 3  (Closed)
Lauren Critelli, Voice
Eric Vanderzee, Guitar
Michelle Carrajat, Clarinet
Joshua Allman, Cello
Louis Tamburro, Percussion
Ryan Wickham, Bass

February 10
Jillian McDonald, Clarinet
Therese Degenova, Violin
Caitlin Curran, Voice
Daniel Galow, Saxophone

February 17
Nicholas Brown, Guitar
Kaitlin Dunn, Voice
Kaitlyn Anderson, Bassoon
Victoria Weniger, Double Bass
John Anderson, Piano

February 24
Charles Temple, Percussion
Megan Reilly, Voice
Alexander Cartagena, Euphonium
John Moran, Voice
Julia Fackelman, Trumpet

March 3
Erik Johnson, Saxophone
Emily Melberger, Voice
Zena Merhi, Cello
Alexandria Medawar, Voice
Katrina Vinkman, Trumpet

March 24
Ryan Galik, Saxophone
Madelyn Curtin, Voice
Claudio Sutera, Trumpet